What is Couple’s Therapy?

Couple’s therapy (also called Relationship Therapy, Marriage Therapy or Marital Therapy) builds the communication skills couples need to negotiate life’s challenges. More effective communication contributes to a sense of fulfilment in your relationship.
The aim of couple’s therapy is to identify the patterns that that leave you feeling you are having the same arguments again and again.  The therapist’s role is not to solve your problems or to become a referee in your disputes, but rather to develop the skills you need to negotiate your challenges.
Couples therapy can be useful at various points in the lifespan of a romantic partnership.

“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost”


Couple’s therapy may be useful in:

  • Assisting couples in negotiating the different life stages of their relationship over time
  • Managing different socialisation needs
  • Negotiating different parenting styles
  • Discussing different financial management styles
  • Balancing different sexual needs
  • Negotiating the boundaries of fidelity
  • Dealing with the impact of breaches of these boundaries

Frequently asked questions

What is pre-marital therapy?2022-04-13T12:25:17+00:00

Pre-marital Counselling aims to build effective communication skills before walking down the aisle. It has been scientifically proven to enhance the quality and longevity of relationships. Discussions around marital goals and expectations build a realistic foundation for the marriage.

What is co-parenting therapy?2022-04-13T12:26:03+00:00

The end of an intimate relationship does not mean the end of your relationship as parents. Co-parenting Therapy guides parents in prioritising the best interest of their children despite the dissolution of their relationship. Building a new family system during this time can be very tricky. Parents often need guidance in negotiating this new relationship dynamic.

How does couples therapy work?2022-04-13T12:26:41+00:00

When working with a couple, I see each partner on their own before starting joint sessions. This gives me a full picture of the challenges you are facing. It also allows each partner an unfiltered space to vent before joint sessions.

Once each partner feels heard, and we’ve addressed hindrances to a joint process, we create a joint therapeutic space. This is a space where both partners can work towards a more satisfying relationship.

When should we consider couples therapy?2022-04-13T12:27:16+00:00

It is never too early to consider couple’s therapy. The earlier you start the process, the better. Pre-martial therapy builds effective communication to add to the satisfaction in your relationship. Couples therapy can address a sense of dissatisfaction at any point in a relationship. It can also serve as a maintenance tool in a relationship to promote the lifespan of a relationship.

Do you provide online couples therapy?2022-04-13T12:27:48+00:00

Yes, Online Couples Therapy uses the same principles within an online format. I make use of Zoom, a secure online platform.

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