About Me

Originally from South Africa, I am an Expat and a Psychologist with a passion for human relationships while integrating and building on empathetic relationships that is facilitated by bringing individuals together in times of their most painful and scariest places. 

I practice from a Calm and Serene center in Amsterdam.

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Having a Passion for my work life and feeling content in what I do is definitely the centre of myself feeling centred. I feel deeply fulfilled in having the privilege to use both my head and heart in harmony.


I am passionate about building an empathic relationships, providing an understanding and experiencing the privilege of joining individuals in their most painful, darkest and scariest places but also sharing in their joys and achievements.


I also enjoy analysing their challenges in a logical and systematic manner, linking my scientific understanding of human interaction with the difficulties experienced to construct a holistic understanding.

“The best work you’ll ever do is working on you.”

Robin Sharma




In experience of practice, using an Integrative Interactional Approach based on Person Centred Principles and an Ecosystemic understanding offers me a frame through which I can balance an understanding of clients’ challenges, whilst collaborating with them to resolve these stumbling blocks.

Interactional psychotherapy assists persons in facilitating effective, sustainable, and satisfying relationships. Based on the individual needs of each client, I assist them in exploring how they relate to their environment.



I thrive on variety in my practice.

As such my practice comprises of various components:

  • Therapy with individuals, couples and families at the Practice
  • A wide range of psychological services including assessment and psychotherapy
  • Supervision
  • CEU Developmental Courses & Workshops


My Professional Journey


  • 2018 – Present: Private Practice, Salmaan Khader
  • 2021 – Present: Research Supervisor – The south African College of Applied Psychology
  • 2019 – 2021: Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor – The south African College of Applied Psychology
  • 2017: Intern Registered Counsellor – The Johannesburg Institute of Social Services


  • 2019 MA Psychology – HKU
  • 2017 Bachelor of Psychology – SACAP

Read more about my work history on my LinkedIn profile.



  • Brain Working Recursive Therapy – BWRT
  • Divorce and Family Mediation – FAMSA
  • The Voice of the Child
  • Couples Therapy
  • Sex Therapy
  • LGBTQAI+ Therapy
  • HIV Testing and Counselling
  • The Interactional Pattern Analysis (IPA)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy