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Psychological Departments

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Home-Based Counselling

Home-Based Counselling Home-based counselling takes place at the home of a person in therapy rather than in an office. It can help people who have difficulty getting to private practices. Home-based counselling sessions typically take place at the houses of people in treatment. But, [...]


Skype Counselling

Skype Counselling If you think you would benefit from seeing a counsellor, but know that you would struggle to fit a series of face-to-face sessions into your busy schedule, online counselling via Skype might be the best choice for you. Thanks to today’s technology, [...]


Telephonic Counselling

Telephonic Counselling For many people in their very busy lives it simply isn't always possible to find the correct counsellor on the suitable day and time that works into their schedule. If one looks at the case of a single working parent with small [...]


Individual & Family Counselling

Individual Counselling Individual counselling allows me to facilitate a healing and safe space, to help individuals with struggles that they are facing in their personal lives. Attending Therapy can be hard and discomforting, and it is important that I ensure that You feel comfortable, [...]


Children’s Counselling

Expert Health Unit Counselling gives the child the opportunity to talk about how they feel without the fear of judgement. Speaking to a counsellor, away from their home and school life, can take away some of the pressure. Counselling offers a safe environment for [...]


Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling Couples counselling (which can also be referred to as marriage guidance) is a form of Counselling that looks to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship. In contrast to counselling for relationship issues, which can be undertaken solely through individual [...]


Career Counselling

Career Counselling Career counseling, also known as career guidance, is counseling designed to help with choosing, changing, or leaving a career and is available at any stage in life. One's career is often one of the most important aspects of adulthood, and embarking on [...]


Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments A psychometric test is any activity and assessment that is conducted in order to evaluate a clients performance and includes, but is not limited to, skills and knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes and job/academic potential. Unlike most examinations, these don't require right [...]


Educational Assessments

Educational Assessments Psycho-Educational assessments  may encompasses various different types of assessments which are undertaken for different reasons. These assessments are most often recommended by teachers, and may include school-readiness assessments, barriers-to-learning assessments, assessments needed in the application to schools and education departments for concessions [...]

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